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Particle Size Analysis


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The HORIBA® LA-920 Particle Size Analyzer is a laser light scattering instrument that combines a He-Ne laser with a Tungsten lamp to determine particle size in the range of .02 um to 2000 um using Mie Theory.  Analyses can be performed wet or dry.   

The HORIBA® LB-550 is a dynamic light scattering analyzer that has a range of 0.001 um to 6 um and uses the Fourier-Transform/Iterative Deconvolution technique for data reporting.  Sample concentrations from ppm to 40% solids can be analyzed easily.

The Shimadzu SA-CP3 particle size analyzer analyzes samples in the 0.02 um to 500 um range by centrifugal photo-sedimentation using Stokes Law.  Sample and dispersant density as well as dispersant viscosity must be known for this type of analysis.

Computer controlled scanning electron microscopy (CCSEM ) is performed by first mounting the sample on a filter and then scanning the sample with an electron beam and detecting particles based on the intensity of backscattered signals. Particle size data obtained during the scanning is grouped by the computer into size classes and number and mass distribution tables are generated.

Sieving analyses can also be performed using a Tyler sieve shaker.


Particle size analysis is an important tool in determining the reactivity, flow characteristics, fusing qualities, shrinkage of ceramics, and many other formulation characteristics in just about every industry.  Particle size analysis plays an important role in our lives.  Please feel free to e-mail us with questions regarding particle size analysis.


Tabular data, a cumulative graph, and an incremental graph make up the sample report.  Also included is a method report detailing the conditions of analysis.


Particle Size Instrumentation

Particle Size Instrumentation


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